The Plan

The Plan

Where Next?

[Last updated 03 September]

We are in Brazil and have caught up the Asia and Bolivia posts on the blog. Expect more updates soon! We’ve changed plans (extended by another week or so) and updated our rough plan for Latin America below]

The journey started December 7th, 2016 flying from London to Singapore before heading to the Philippines. We ended our six months in Asia and will travel through South/Central America for the rest of 2017. The plan for now is:

Country Start Date End Date
Bolivia 16/07/17 17/08/17
Northern Chile (San Pedro) 17/08/17 20/08/17
Northern Argentina (Salta) 20/08/17 25/08/17
Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil) 25/08/17 29/08/17
Brazil (Rio and around) 29/08/17 11/09/17
Peru exc Cusco 11/9/17 4/10/17
Cuzco 4/10/17 8/10/17
Inca Trail 8/10/17 12/10/17
Somewhere in Central Anerica 12/10/17 27/10/17
Mexico City for F1 27/10/17 6/11/17
Colombia  6/11/17 4/12/17
Argentina and Chile 4/11/17 7/2/18
Somewhere…. 7/2/18 ….

Dates in bold are booked, dates in italics are approximate and will very likely change as we travel and decide where we love (and don’t love…. maybe)