The Plan

The Plan

Where Next?

[Last updated 27 October]

We are in Mexico! Expect more updates soon! We’ve changed plans (extended by another couple of week or so AGAIN) and updated our rough plan for Latin America below including a brief stop in Boston]

The journey started December 7th, 2016 flying from London to Singapore before heading to the Philippines. We ended our six months in Asia and will travel through South/Central America for the rest of 2017. The plan for now is:

Country Start Date End Date
Bolivia 16/07/17 17/08/17
Northern Chile (San Pedro) 17/08/17 20/08/17
Northern Argentina (Salta) 20/08/17 25/08/17
Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil) 25/08/17 29/08/17
Brazil (Rio and around) 29/08/17 11/09/17
Peru exc Cusco 11/9/17 4/10/17
Cuzco 4/10/17 8/10/17
Inca Trail and Lima 8/10/17 14/10/17
Mexico 14/10/17 16/11/17
Boston 16/11/17 20/11/17
Colombia 20/11/17 26/12/17
Argentina and Chile (inc Patagonia) 26/12/17 22/2/18
Somewhere…. 22/2/18 ….

Dates in bold are booked, dates in italics are approximate and will very likely change as we travel and decide where we love (and don’t love…. maybe)